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Rimas Law Firm is a located in beautiful Minnetonka, Minnesota just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Rimas Law is founded on over 25 years of legal counseling, litigation and transactional work in Minnesota, California and throughout the United States.

Experienced Law Professionals

Rimas Law Firm emphasizes general, business and intellectual property counseling and litigation and real estate, employment and municipal law, whose capabilities and resources are extended by collaboration with a network of attorneys as required. Our client base follows upon previous representation of businesses and organizations of all sizes: entrepreneurs, inventors, employers, non-profits, property owners, and attorneys.

Quality Representation

Rimas Law Firm strives to provide high quality and cost effective legal services that are tailored to the individual client. Available for all forms of representation, collaboration and on-site counseling and projects and fee arrangements and requests for proposals.

Attention to Detail

The attention to every detail of your case is what sets Rimas Law Firm ahead of other legal firms. We work closely with our clients on a variety of legal issues.

Our legal team handles litigation in the following areas (note: these external links are not an endorsement of the websites associated with the information provided therein; links will open in a new browser page):

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